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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

A man has captured mother . He makes her take off her dress and now has her in only her bra, panties and pantyhose. He then makes her get on her knees and lean over the sofa. "Get your hands behind your back!" he tells her. He uses rope to tie her up good and tight. He ties her legs all the way to her thighs. He hands and arms are tied tight behind her back and mother can hardly move now. He also stuffs and tapes her mouth full of pantie to gag her. He then leaves mother to struggle bound and gagged on the sofa while he robs her. She tries her best to get herself free. But the ropes are tied painfully tight. There is also no way anyone outside of her hotel room with her her cries for help as the gag is tight and keeps her well muffled.


mother is undressed and tied in a cage, metal handcuffs on her wrists and ankles, the pear inside of her vagina and a metal head cage with a ring gag. She has her head outside of the cage and janitor molesk puts his wang into her throat throughout the gag. She deepthroats him and drools. Later, some other chap comes in and doesn't like what that babe has been doing with the janitor. He removes the ring part of her gag and replaces it with a lengthy metal incert that goes to the back of her mouth. She struggles with this and drools. She is brought out of the cage, handcuffed on the floor, whipped, caned on her butt and feet which are now connected to the pear, hogtied with bracelets, this babe cries, drools, and gags as that babe endures her torment

She is confined to the cold cement floor. Her toes and thumbs bent back to the shackles. Her arms and legs hogtied to the Pear locked in her slit. OT canes the soles of her feet and covers her with a single tail flogging. She is prepared for her departure to the farm as this babe stares down into the swirling wormhole of water.
She is made to balance on 1 leg as her ankle is locked to the pear in her love tunnel, her wrists are cuffed and shackled in a strappado, with a chian to her collar, head cage, and waist. She struggles and drools with her gag as OT whips her and an big o with a sextoy.
mother is undressed and fastened widen eagle to a board on a pivot over the water reservoir. OT dunks her head 1st into the reservoir. He whips her arse, vibrates her bawdy cleft, and bonks her cunt with a sex toy as that babe is underneath the water. She is given a b catheter and is dunked underneath and made to big o.

Next mother is exposed tied to a stand on her knees, an anal hook in her gazoo attached to her hair with a chain making her to hold her head back and booty in the air. molesk ring gags her, puts a chain around her neck, an inflatable pooch ramrod sex tool down her mouth. He then puts it in her fur pie and inflates it. Next this guy take a big wooden vibrator and hammers it in her vagina, ties it in place, canes her arse and feet, vibrates her vagina to agonorgasmos.
High in the rafters that babe is not alone. Mud-wasps, bats, and flies buzz and swop about her. But that babe labors too, the sweat forming maddening, tickling, rivulets that leak off the trembling labia. She have to hold her legs widen — the apparatus that grasps her (gibbit) is engineered so as the legs grow weaker that babe impales herself on a cone shaped spike stretching her vulva. To overcome this splitting fatigue that babe discovers that a rhythmical widening of her legs is less tiring. Diabolically, the machine that torments her likewise is her rapture.
molesk tells her fuck herself with the marital-device. He then attaches a cattle prod to it so if this babe brings her legs jointly it shocks her. He vibrates her snatch afresh, and puts a bucket on the chain to add weight to her predicament.

The vapors rising from the accumulator shriek reservoir envelops the Throne's recent morsel. Now fondled and infused with it is insidious longing her mind fantasies the horrors of all these who have sat upon the Throne. She is jarred awake by the disembodied voice of her liege. Speaking throughout his tablet this guy let us her know that this guy will be back in a day. In the meantime this guy activates a sound generator that is converted into electrical pulses connected in her neither world. Thus over great distances that guy is ever present -- like spooky actions animalism a distance.

molesk locks her in the chair, gag unfathomable in her mouth making her gag. He puts spikes below her gazoo, making her to strain to stay off em. Next mother has an electrify sex toy up her cum-hole, and electric teat clamps on. molesk shocks her repeatedly as water sprays on her. He bags her head, puts a ring gag on her, and shoves an inflatable plug in her face hole. He shocks her nipps anew and vibrates her slit. Last this guy puts hawt coal beneath the chair. She struggles to acquire away from the heat.

Trapped in the floor, first mother gets the ring gag, then she gets Mr. Pogo. molesk wants more flavor and throws her hair into her mouth, too. She has her face distorted into a grotesque mask of clamps and hooks.

Chained to the mattress, mother is set up to take Mr. Pogo in her ass while molesk takes her pussy. Then its time to violate her sore little back door. When molesk asks if she is ready to suffer for him, he means it. She gets Mr.Pogo in the pussy, but she also gets the cane across her feet. When she has screamed enough for him again, molesk takes her pussy again.

His little slut is trotted in, hooded and bound, and shackled to her post. She may be struggling to breathe but her pussy is dripping wet. She moans and screams for molesk pleasure constantly while he canes her tits, thighs and pussy. It only takes a little bit of tape to completely cut off her airways. The slut even cums at command, shackled and screaming through her tiny air hole.

Cock and balls take a tour of her mouth while she kneels before him. She sucks his cock like it's her mission in life, taking it all the way down her throat. Her blow job well done gets a reward of load all over her face and a seat in a very special chair.

Finally, her tits are cuffed and her clit and tongue are clamped. Bound tightly, she is subjected to another attack of the vibrator. After molesk has heard enough of her moans, he goes after a few screams. With a ring gag firmly in place, her head is covered in a sack of flies. They buzz around her and as she screams, begging and pleading, they even fly into her mouth.

Cindy: let's go, mom


yeah, we going home, and have more fun


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